International Affairs



It gives me great pleasure to accept your Credentials as the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Poland to India. I warmly welcome you to my country and extend my sincere felicitations on your appointment to this position of high responsibility and trust. You are no stranger to India having studied at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore and served as Consul of Poland in Mumbai. We are happy to have you a third time in India, this time as the Ambassador of your country.

India and Poland have traditionally shared close and friendly relations. In fact, these relations predate the establishment of diplomatic relations which have been sustained by the warmth and affection between our two peoples. Cultural and academic personalities of our two countries have ensured that though geographically apart, India and Poland have a high degree of mutual understanding and respect.

Excellency, India is a land of vast diversities strung together by a composite culture and a uniquely Indian way of life. Unity in diversity remains even today the central theme of Indian civilisation as it has been over the millennia of our existence. Respect and tolerance of others have contributed to the enrichment of our culture and civilization. Political pluralism and democracy, were, therefore in a sense, natural choices of the leaders of our freedom struggle. We cherish the principles adopted by the founding fathers of modern India and remain unwavering in our adherence to them.

It is with admiration that we have observed the Polish Republic’s smooth and peaceful transition to a vibrant, multiparty democracy. The recently concluded general elections in Poland once again underlined that Poland has progressed far on the road of democracy. The principles of democracy and constitutionalism have thus introduced an additional element of commonality between our two countries and brought us closer together in terms of basic values and orientation. It was natural that our Minister of External Affairs co-chaired the international conference "Towards a Community of Democracies" in Warsaw in June 2000.

Over the last one decade, Poland has witnessed sweeping economic changes and has transited to a market oriented economy in the advanced stage to join the European Union. India too has pursued over this decade a programme of economic reforms, deregulation and liberalization, which have put the Indian economy on the path of sustained, high economic growth. The economic changes in our respective countries have opened new avenues for our bilateral cooperation. These opportunities must be used to build upon, diversify and expand our established economic links. Our bilateral trade, which stood at merely US $ 188 million in 2000, needs to be expanded and diversified. On our part, we remain committed to developing multi-faceted and mutually beneficial relations with Poland and stand ready to support every initiative which would promote commercial and economic interaction between our two countries. Our Prime Minister has also invited your Prime Minister to visit India. We hope this visit will give a boost to our bilateral relations in all fields.

International terrorism today poses the most serious threat to peace and stability in the world. We in India appreciate the leadership of President Aleksander Kwasniewski in organising the conference on combating terrorism in Warsaw on November 6, 2001 and I personally thank the President for writing to me about the outcome of this important conference. India has long suffered from terrorism and stands ready to cooperate with the international community, including Poland, to fight this menace.

Excellency, may I assure you that the Government of India is ready to extend its full cooperation to you on all issues concerning our bilateral relations. I wish you a pleasant, fruitful and memorable stay in India. I also take this opportunity to convey through you my best wishes for the health and happiness of His Excellency President Aleksander Kwasniewski and for the prosperity and well-being of the friendly people of Poland.

Thank you

Jai Hind