International Affairs



It gives me great pleasure to accept your Credentials as the Ambassador Extrordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Hungary to India. I warmly welcome you to India and extend my sincere felicitations on your appointment to this position of high responsibility.

India’s relations with the Republic of Hungary have traditionally been close and friendly and are based on continuity and mutual understanding. Our ties have been sustained through regular bilateral exchanges at all levels and reinforced by the tradition of a heightened sense of cultural awareness over the last century. Study of Indology in Hungary has provided an enduring basis for the consolidation of people to people relations. If Alexander Csoma de Korosi spent a major part of his life in India, our national poet Gurudev Rabindra Nath Tagore received inspiration and sustenance on the banks of Lake Balaton. Amrita Shergil and Erzebet Brunner are common bonds that bind our two nations together.

Excellency, India is a land of vast diversities strung together by a composite culture and a uniquely "Indian" way of life. Unity in diversity remains the central theme of Indian civilisation as it has been over the centuries of our existence. Respect and tolerance of others have contributed to the enrichment of our culture and civilisation.

Political pluralism and democracy were, therefore, natural choices for the leaders of our freedom struggle. We cherish the principles adopted by the founding fathers of modern India and remain unwavering in our adherence to them. As India celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the creation of its Republic, we take pride in the strength and vibrancy of our democracy, our political and judicial systems and in our awareness of the primacy of fundamental and human rights, secularism and equality. We are happy that over the last decade, democracy has taken firm roots in the Republic of Hungary. This has introduced an additional element of commonality between our two countries, which brings us further closer in terms of basic values and orientation.

India is currently in the second phase of its economic reforms process. This has placed the Indian economy firmly on the path of sustained high growth. We have similarly witnessed a sweeping economic transformation in Hungary. The transition to a market economy, oriented towards progressively greater integration with the world economy, is a common feature in the policies of both India and Hungary. The economic changes in our respective countries have opened new avenues for our bilateral cooperation. These opportunities must be used to build upon, diversify and expand our established economic links. On our part we remain committed to developing multi-faceted and mutually beneficial relations with Hungary and would support all initiatives which would give greater impetus to the interaction between our two countries; commercial & economic and scientific & technological.

Excellency, in the beginning of the new millennium we see the globe shrinking in distance and time as we build upon a common civilisational home. While doing so, we are confronted by the major challenges of international terrorism, religious extremism and drugs trafficking. I am confident of the commitment of India and Hungary in jointly overcoming this international menace to secure a stable and prosperous future for the people of the world and the succeeding generations.

Excellency, we know you as a good friend of India and as one seriously interested in the intensification of our bilateral ties under modern circumstances. I would like to assure you the full cooperation and support of the Government of India in your endeavours in that direction. I wish you a successful and productive stay in India and every success in your many responsibilities as the Ambassador of the Republic of Hungary to India. I also take this opportunity to convey through you my best wishes for the continued good health and happiness of His Excellency Mr. Ferenc Madl, President of the Republic of Hungary. On your National Day today, I also send greetings and best wishes for the progress and prosperity of the friendly people of Hungary.

Thank you

Jai Hind