International Affairs


Excellency, It gives me great pleasure to receive the Letter of Credence appointing you as the High Commissioner of the People's Republic of Bangladesh in India. I extend to you a warm welcome as you return to our country in your new capacity and hope that your stay in India will be fruitful as well as enjoyable.

I greatly appreciate Your Excellency's perception of the warm, close and multi-faceted relationship between our two countries, rooted in shared history, geography and culture. We in India fully share this view. Our aspirations and goals are also similar since we share a common commitment to peace, cooperation and progress in our respective countries, our region and in the world. India and Bangladesh share a long boundary and have extensive people-to-people exchanges in various fields. Our people function in a common socio-cultural matrix. Our Governments interact closely at various levels including the highest level. We are involved with other countries in South Asia in promoting a viable system of co-operation in the region through SAARC.

The commencement of the bus service between Calcutta and Dhaka has received wide, spontaneous welcome and support at the popular level in both countries. It is a small step symbolizing the ties between our people and their keenness to strengthen our friendship. We are both agreed on the common objective of restoring the multi-modal communication links that used to exist between our countries. It is our hope that these positive developments will provide the momentum for greater economic interaction between India and Bangladesh for the mutual benefit of people in both countries. I am convinced that the scope for further enhancing our economic co-operation, in trade and investment, remains vast. India stands ready to work closely with Bangladesh in these areas through a variety of measures including improved market access.

Excellency, we in India admire the sustained efforts being made under the leadership of your Prime Minister, H.E. Sheikh Hasina, to promote bilateral relations between India and Bangladesh. The historic Treaty on the Sharing of Ganga Waters at Farakka has been successfully implemented during the last three lean seasons. The Treaty is an example of how differences can be settled bilaterally, given political will on both sides. We are confident that under her courageous and spirited leadership, Bangladesh will be a dynamic partner in our joint efforts to move into an era of deepened and expanded mutual co-operation for improving the lives of millions of people in our respective countries.

We would each do so as sovereign and equal nations, mutually respectful of the other and confident of our vision and purpose. Our relations were born of a shared struggle and are necessarily based on trust and sensitivity to each other's concerns. As we enter the next millennium, we face new challenges in our common endeavour to end poverty and in our efforts to counter the scourge of terrorism. We move forward secure in the knowledge that the cultural links that bind our people will be strengthened by the measure for bilateral and regional cooperation that we are both committed to.

Excellency, I take this opportunity to assure you of the fullest co-operation and support of the Government of India for your efforts to strengthen further the ties between India and Bangladesh. Please also convey to His Excellency, the President of Bangladesh, Justice Shahabuddin Ahmed and to Her Excellency, the Prime Minister, Sheikh Hasina my good wishes for their good health and personal well-being and for the progress and prosperity of the people of Bangladesh.

Thank you

Jai Hind